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Multi Temperature Converter

posted Sep 12, 2012, 2:19 PM by Robert Andersson
This app converts 52 different temperature scales. Type a temperature in any box, and it will convert the temperature to all the other scales instantly.

The scales used are:
Amonton, Barnsdorf, Beaumuir, Bergen, Brisson, Celsius, Cimento, Cruquius, Dalence, Daltons, De Luc, De Lyon, De la Hire, Delisle, Du Crest, Edinburgh, electron volts, Fahrenheit, Florence Magnum, Florentine I, Florentine II, Fowler, Gas Mark, Hales, Hanow, Hauksbee, Jacobs-Holborn, Kelvin, Kirch, La Court, Lambert, Lange, Leiden, Ludolf, Mariotte, Magnum, Miles, Murray, Newton, Paris, Plancks, Poleni, Reaumur, Romer, Rankine, Richter, Royal Society of London, Sagredo, Stufe, Sulzer, Thermostat and Wedgwood.

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